Entitlement Rationalization 

Are you happy with your current B/OSS, but are under pressures to reduce OpEx?  MitSix has the technical depth to review your current deployment and the business acumen to drive commercial viable terms for you technology investment.

COTS Customization

Need changes to your existing COTS deployment, but lacking an experienced team to safely customize, or the availability and cost of vendor professional services force process work-arounds?  Let MitSix be your COTs enhancement team; On-Demand.

OSS Optimization

Is Operations looking at a sea of "red" alarms, or is Customer Care drowning in auto-created tickets?  Are your services delivered in sub-second intervals?   Let MitSix create a prescriptive approach to measurable improvements to operational efficiency.


We help operations drive value from their existing support systems with a focusing on removing the first "S" in OSS/BOSS,  "support".  By creating operational and business systems by leveraging intelligent engineering practices, big data and analytics, and robotic process automation we can create transformational improvements to your business.



At the very beginning we discover the project scope and goals, conduct requirements elicitation, analysis and validation to deliver complete documentation and prepare a project plan. Prior to project kickoff we also offer technology consulting to implement the most suited technology stacks 


With full-stack development expertise, software architecture competences and industry- specific knowledge, MitSIx develops, customizes and migrates B/OSS solutions to meet specific business needs.. Our services include testing, feature development, cloud migration, and systems integration.


To guarantee stable work and lasting value after solution deployment, we deliver maintenance and support services. They include 1-3 levels of support for customization developed by MitSix or by any third-party vendor, application upgrade and improvements.